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Getting Started Quick Guide


Getting started at MetaCell can be overwhelming. There are a lot of little details, a number of big tasks, you’re learning a new job and meeting new coworkers, and you’re doing all these things while working remotely. Your colleagues and your manager are all here to help. There is no set time period for most training periods, but most people are up to speed in about 2 months.

Setting Up Your Stuff

Alessandra is the person that will be doing your induction and will be answering any question about accounting, logistic, trainings, setting up accounts, invoice payment and so on. Of course your line manager is always there to help, but you might want to ask Alessandra first as she acts as a filter for day to day logistics.

Your manager will also set you up with everything you need to work on the projects you will be involved in. You’ll aso use Slack, GitHub, and Trello, among a whole list of other things, see here for a comprehensive list of all of our internal systems.


The induction is 1h long with Alessandra plus another hour or two with your Manager. You’ll be guided through our processes and communication systems in detail. At the end, you’ll be receiving an email as a reference with important links and pointers.

How to send invoices (for contractors)

Please submit your invoice by the 5th of each month. Invoices will be paid after 30 days. Please don’t forget to include in the invoice your payment method sych as bank details. Also if you have expenses that have been approved by your manager to be reimbursed, add them into a separate row with a short description.

Here’s the form that you can use to submit invoices. Please make sure to attach a single PDF including the invoice plus receipts for any expenses reimbursements.

How to book time off

To track our time off we use HubPlanner. You can request time off on this link after you have created an account here. Time off needs to be booked at least 1 month in advance (in December or during the Summer) to make sure we can plan accordingly. Also add a block (4 hours for a half day or 8 hours for a full day) in your calendar with using the #OFF tag, so that people can see you’re not available in that slot.

How to record your sick time

If you’re feeling unwell and taking a personal day or some hours, use the #SICK tag in your calendar and notify to your manager and Alessandra letting them know you are out of commission.


We encourage the staff to take their time off and rest during the year. For people entitled to time off by contract, you can carry a max of 5 days off to the following year.

How to manage expenses

Keep the receipt, add it to the invoice (create a single PDF) also create a row in the invoice with the description of the expense.

How to book travels

In order to get the best deals, we advise you to book your flights as early as possible. Compare the prices via tools like Skyscanner or Google flights and send screenshots of your potential flight to Alessandra for approval.

Performance review

A performance appraisal, also known as a performance review, is a method by which the job performance of an employee is documented and evaluated. This is often boring and one sided. At MetaCell we run reviews differently: a review is a conversation in which we will mutually assess each other, identify strengths and weaknesses in our collaboration, offer reciprocal feedback, and mutually set goals for the future so that we can reach them together. It is an opportunity to take a step back and understand how we can best work together and to realign individual goals and expectations to the organization’s vision and core values. The first performance review is normally scheduled after 6 months from joining - then the next one after 12 months and from that point on it will happen once a year, near the time you first joined.

Company info

Post and in-person meetings address (US): MetaCell LLC - One Broadway, 14th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142?? Billing address (US): MetaCell LLC - 117 Park Drive, Unit 20, Boston, MA 02215 Billing address (UK): MetaCell Ltd - 30 Millbank, Mill Street, Oxford, OX20HJ UK

Google voice numbers: Ally +1 617-286-2078 Stephen +1 617-286-2628 Matteo +44 1865 959726 Giovanni +1 617-237-0775