MetaCell's handbook

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Where We Work


The MetaCell offices are in Boston, MA and Oxford, UK. In Boston, we have rented desks at CIC in Cambridge, while in Oxford we regularly work from the Common Ground.

Anyone is welcome to visit Boston or Oxford and work from our working spaces at any time.

From home

Most people at MetaCell work from home most of the time. Getting the basics right will make a big difference: a good chair, a fast broadband and a good desk.

From coffee shops

Working from home all the time isn’t everyone’s cup of coffee. Thus, lots of us choose to work from coffee shops or other third spaces either some of the time or a lot of the time. Great for a buzz of other people and much-needed caffeine of course, but please do mind basic security rules to ensure that nothing leaks on to the cafe wifi.

From a coworking space

If working from home or from a coffee shop doesn’t suit you, then trying a coworking space might just do the trick. If this is something that you are interested in, let your manager know!