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Academic Project Descriptions


MetaCell has been contributing since the beginning to Geppetto, a web based platform to build neuroscience applications that let the user explore, visualize and simulate neuroscience data and models such as a cell or even a whole brain. A lot of our projects are built on the Geppetto platform, and the Geppetto platform is extended and improved as a result. A true positive loop!

Open Source Brain

Open Source Brain (OSB) is a resource for sharing and collaboratively developing computational models of neural systems. MetaCell built OSB using the geppetto platform in collaboration with the Silver Lab at UCL.

Virtual Fly Brain

Virtual Fly Brain (VFB) is a hub for Drosophila melanogaster neural anatomy and imaging data built by University of Edinburgh, EMBL-EBI, University of Cambridge, and the MRC. MetaCell has built VFB 2.0 based on Geppetto.


SciDash is web application that enables the reproducible execution and visualization of data-driven unit test for assessing model quality. Scidash is built on the Geppeto frontend and leverages the sciunit and neuronunit library. MetaCell built Scidash in collaboration with the ICON lab at Arizona Sate University.


NetPyNE-UI is a web based User Interface for NetPyNE, a python package to facilitate the development, parallel simulation and analysis of biological neuronal networks using the NEURON simulator. MetaCell built NetPyNE-UI usign the Geppetto platform in collaboration with the NeuroSim lab at State University of New York.


User Interface for HNN. HNN is a user-friendly software tool that gives researchers and clinicians the ability to test and develop hypotheses on the circuit mechanism underlying their EEG/MEG data in an easy-to-use environment.

Patient H.M.

PATIENTHM.org is a multi modal data portal dedicated to the story and the brain of Henry G. Molaison, also known as Patient H.M. The web site is designed to foster scientific collaboration and to encourage public exploration into one of the most important cases in the history of neuropsychology.