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Who Does What?

Figuring out who to bring a particular issue or question to shouldn’t be a guessing game. Most concerns fall pretty clearly within the responsibility of a specific team at MetaCell, and the head of that team should be the first point of contact. At the same time, every single person who works at MetaCell is approachable and friendly, and more than willing to point you in the right direction. If you have a question, you’re probably not the first, so speak up!

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João Futscher is MetaCell’s VP of finance. He assists Giovanni with all accounting operations. Alessandra Gamboni is the Admin & HR manager. She’s primarily responsible for handling the invoices and the payments. Supporting and inspiring people is one of her missions on Earth.


We have three C-level executives at MetaCell: Stephen, Matteo and Giovanni. Stephen is our CEO, Matteo our CTO and Giovanni our COO. Giovanni works with Stephen and Matteo to make working at MetaCell an excellent experience for its employees and is often the best person to tap first, when you don’t know who to talk to about a problem.


Paolo Lenotti is our marketing lead and manages the company Twitter account, webinars, website content and marketing outreach. If you would like to propose some content for a tweet or a webinar or provide any type of feedback on any of these Paolo is your man.


Jerry Skefos is our Business Development specialist and works with the executive team and Paolo on the customer outreach and new leads discovery.


The engineering group consists of two subgroups:

Projects development

In every project at MetaCell there is an Account manager, a Project manager, a Technical Leader and one or more Developers. Depending on the size of the project the same person could carry more than one role. See here for how the work is divided within a given Project. If you need to talk to someone within a project and you are not sure who to talk to always start from the Project Manager. If you are unsure who the Project Manager is on a given project ask Giovanni.

Technical Operations

MetaCell IT infrastructure operates exclusively on the cloud. Keeping the lights on with our GCP Kubernetes Cluster or AWS services with great reliability is the foremost mission of the Technical Operations team. Matteo works with the engineering team to ensure our infrastructure keeps up and running.