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MetaCell COVID-19 Wellness March 2020 - December 2022

A note of compassion

In keeping with our mission of being a great place to work and having empathy for each other, we want everyone to know that MetaCell cares deeply about the wellbeing of people in this time of disruption. The following document is an attempt to help. If you have additional needs or ideas, please feel free to bring it up!

Sick Hours / Days Extension to Everyone

MetaCell wants to encourage any of us that might be feeling unwell in the coming weeks, to use the #SICK tag to block a morning / afternoon / whole day to practice wellness for ourselves so that we can recover without added stress. If possible, people should let their project manager know in advance of using this special tag, and project managers are encouraged to support this practice as needed. #SICK hours will be essentially paid sick leave. This measure will be in place for everyone until December 31th, 2022 and we are all entrusted to use this benefit fairly.

Mental Health counts for Sick Hours / Days

At MetaCell, mental health is considered as important as physical health. Much of our work requires our brains to be fully engaged and a prerequisite for high performance is we manage our stress levels as well as possible. MetaCell wants to encourage any of us that might be feeling emotionally or mentally unwell as a result of stress in the coming weeks should follow the same policy of using the #SICK tag described above.

Resources for Managing Anxiety around COVID-19

Physical Activity

Access to regular gyms and other sources of physical activity may be limited or restricted in this period of time. Keep in mind that staying active is still really good for our mental health! Here are a few links to inspire activities that we can do anywhere!

Wellbeing allowance

As a way of helping everyone through these difficult times, a wellbeing allowance of up to $50/mo is being introduced to all employees and contractors. This can be used to cover costs of anything that will help us feel good and healthy as we might have to spend longer time indoors than we are routinely used to. As an example people might want to expense books, a Yoga mat for home exercise or a meditation app subscription (some of us have found that meditation is a good way to deal with stress in general and in these uncertain times even more) or even a Netflix subscription. Also basic health equipment such as masks and hand sanitizer will be expensable as part of the wellbeing allowance. Just make sure to add a row in your invoice or send the receipt via Slack, Alessandra can help you out with this.

Potential Resources


Equipment examples




Potential Impact on Daily Schedules

As we are all working from home offices, some of us are likely to be joined by spouses, partners, our children or other friends / family in your workspaces as a consequence of social distancing policies. This is likely to impact our routines for work in some way, for example it might reduce our ability to work regular hours during the day or to miss entire days due to forces outside our control. If and when this happens we should all feel free to discuss changes in our working routine with the other team members and project coordinators so that we can plan around it as a team.

Regular Check-ins

Alessandra will check in with each of us regularly and see how everybody is doing and if anybody needs support. If you are needing help or support, please let her know and she’ll do her best to facilitate with full support from the company.